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Convergence Center - General Information

The Convergence Center is here to help you with your multimedia needs. Here you will be able to enhance your Powerpoint presentations by adding digital photographs, animations, small movie clips (that you can edit here) and more. We have the latest in slide and photograph scanning equipment along with digital editing for your video. If you want to enhance your photographs for your presentation you can use Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation.

We are here to help you learn about CD/DVD copying and authoring, editing video on a digital workstation, scanning slides and or photographs for your presentations. If you want to go further with graphics we will teach you how to utilize Adobe After Effects.Should you want to add some 3D text we can show you how to use Lightwave. All of your work can then be put on a DVD for distribution using Adobe Encore. Please look in the services section for more detailed information on what is offered in the convergence center.


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